Our team of wedding planners at Ruby & Pearl Events is the same team serving clients under our sister brand, Sapphire Events. We are the best in the business and collectively have decades of wedding planning experience under our belts, and an excellent reputation among venues and vendors alike. We’ve honed our wedding management procedures, as well as our wedding design and wedding planning processes, based on nearly a decade of experience trying different service offerings and experiencing weddings of all shapes and sizes. We know what works best for our ideal clients is having an expert on hand from day one, the moment they sign an agreement with Ruby & Pearl Events. Your wedding planner is available from the beginning of your planning process, offering you consultation advice, guiding you in the right direction as you plan aspects of your event on your own, and setting each one of our families up for success so that you can enjoy the best day ever. If you need to talk to us at nine months out, six months out, or four months out – whenever you most need to consult with your advisor on aspects of your event as you are planning your wedding, we are ready to help you and make the most of the time you have available.

We simply do not believe the best service can be delivered on a short time frame, entrusting the best laid plans (not to mention your tremendous emotional and financial investment!) for a day as important as a wedding to someone with limited experience, stepping in to the process only a month prior to the big day. Even six weeks from the wedding simply isn’t enough time for any wedding coordinator – no matter how experienced or talented they may be – to be able to faithfully take a year (or more) of your wedding planning efforts, and be able to pull together your details and comprehend your vision and overarching plan for such an important day in your life. Simply put, “day of” and “month of” coordination leaves you at risk for important points getting lost in translation, missed opportunities for savings earlier on in the process, and overall disappointment on the biggest event day of your life.