It is easiest to think of the overall budget in terms of price per person, rather than an overall target budget amount. The guest list is the single biggest driving factor of the budget – so the closer you are able to whittle down the guest list to the actual number of people you would like to attend, the better! To determine your per person dollar figure, divide your overall target budget by the number of anticipated guests you’d like to attend – and there you’ll have your estimated price per person!

If you are seeking wedding management services, our typical clients expect to spend a minimum of $350-$500 per person on their event. If you are planning an overall target budget of $100,000 for an expected guest count of 250 guests, your price per person is $400, making you an ideal candidate for event management services.

For design plus event management services, our typical client spends anywhere from $500-$700 per person. For instance, if you are planning to spend a target overall budget of $175,000 and expect a guest count of 300 people, you would have an estimated price per person of around $580 and be a great candidate for design services plus event management.

For those clients selecting wedding planning, design and event management services (i.e. full service planning from start to finish), typically a budget range of $500-$800 per person is common. As an example, if you are planning to spend an overall budget of at least $120,000 and have a target guest count of 150 people, you would have a price per person of $800 and would be a good candidate for planning, design, and event management services.

Our typical guest counts range anywhere from 100 – 250 or more people, with varying levels of production values and specific details. The ranges calculated above serve as examples given the varying choices clients make in the overall level of décor design and production value they desire for their event, which can range given a multitude of factors personal to each and every client. We work with events of all guest counts and overall target budgets, so contact us to make sure your expectations for your event are in line with your target budget in our complimentary initial consultation.