You will always find someone offering coordination services at a much lower rate than ours. Not all planning companies are created equally! We know there are many options available and that you are prudently interviewing a number of planners to find the right fit for you. We encourage you to make a choice on personality match, finding a service provider with a planning and communication style that fits with your daily life as well as your expectations. It’s an investment worth taking seriously that will directly correlate with your peace of mind on event day!

In order to actually make money as a small business owner, at a rate of $1000-$1500 for another planner’s coordination service, that planner would have to book at least TWICE as many events just to keep their doors open. With that many events committed on their calendar, that means less time for each individual client to have their needs addressed, and for their details to be finalized and double checked, not to mention the risk of burnout that planner will experience especially in busy season, having worked back to back weekends (and even multiple events in a single weekend!) just to keep their business afloat financially.

Planners charging less than $2000 for their coordination or event management services are spreading themselves too thin – and that will certainly show in their customer service to you. We believe our clients deserve the best of us, and we charge appropriately for the care and attention we are committed to giving you, so we don’t have to overwork our team. The peace of mind that our clients report after their experience with us speaks for itself!