How to Have a Safe Wedding During COVID

Love and weddings in the time of COVID…well this is certainly not what you’ve dreamt about your entire life, right? Fear not, there are still safe and chic ways to have a wedding this year!


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They do, science doesn’t lie – so wear them! Many venues and indoor spaces require masks to be worn, so check your location’s regulations and require your guests to wear them. Get creative and incorporate masks into your wedding by having them personalized and giving them away to your guests as favors.


Keep those hands clean by placing hand sanitizing stations throughout the ceremony and reception areas. Hand sanitizer can also make a great personalized favor for your guests to take home. 


Are you planning on having a cocktail hour? Make sure you aren’t offering hand passed items on trays! Instead, offer bento boxes of hors d’oeuvres set up for each guest or lay out personalized charcuterie boards with a chef’s selection of meats and cheeses.

I also recommend not doing buffet or family style during your reception. Table side service during your wedding dinner is definitely the safest direction during this time.

Gathering anyone in close quarters is still a major no-no so don’t offer a walk-up bar. Having people standing at the bar, breathing on the glassware, garnishes, and even the servers themselves is a huge opportunity for contamination. Table side service of drinks and really personalized service are not only a 2020 trend, but the key to having a safe wedding. 



You’re going to want to have a sufficient amount of staff at your wedding. This will ensure they are serving only one table at a time and decreases the chances for cross contamination. You will also have a higher chance of being able to contact trace after an event. If someone you know tests positive for Coronavirus after the wedding and you need to know when and how to have guests COVID tested, contact your local hospital or government agency. 



Al Fresco is 100% the way to go during this pandemic! It’s also the best time of year to be outdoors now, plus you get to celebrate your love in the fresh air, under the night sky – your wedding will be full of romance!

We know it’s your big day, but that doesn’t mean you have to burst the guest list. Keep your big day small scale! A lower guest count is an amazing opportunity to stretch your dollars further. With a smaller guest list, you have so many more options – unique venues, upgraded menu and bar services, and special touches galore! You will still be able to keep your budget while working with a higher per person price. Want to learn more about finding your price per person? WATCH THIS.

When having fewer guests, you don’t have to sacrifice for the sake of your wedding budget. You’ll be able to invest more in all the bells and whistles you’ve dreamed of and have a truly elevated experience when you have 50 guests vs. 150 guests. Now you have every incentive to keep your guest count low!



You should absolutely keep your first dance, but I suggest emphasizing connecting over conversation rather than promoting a rager. Remember, if you do choose to have an open dance floor, this is where guests tend to be a bit more lax about wearing their masks because inhibitions are lowered. This can increase the chances of spreading the virus so if you HAVE to have a raging party, wait until a vaccine is in place. Push your big party until it is safe to gather in large numbers again!




A small in person guest count doesn’t mean you can’t have everyone important at your ceremony! There are SO many options to connect with your larger guest count by virtual means. You can Zoom or talk to your videographer about setting up an A/V production. You can also livestream through an app from a cell phone. A great option is EventLive which is a one time fee of $50 where guests can walk from a link and the recording stays online for an entire year.



The most important thing to do is share your expectations with your guests. Make sure they know what the regulations of your venue is as well as how contained the virus currently is in your location. Let guests know how many people you’ve invited and what you expect at the wedding. Also ensure they know what measures you and your vendor team have in place to make certain everyone will be celebrating safely at the wedding. Finally, let your guests decide for themselves what they feel comfortable with. Don’t take it personally if someone declines – everyone has the right to choose what is best for their circumstances. Just know that everyone is excited for you regardless if they celebrate in person with you or from afar.



Remember this: At the end of the day, you will be no less married to the love of your life even if you have to get married safely this year.