Il Mercato New Orleans with Bright and Beautiful

This Il Mercato New Orleans wedding took place in the best month of the year to get married in New Orleans: October! Laura and Kevin selected New Orleans for their destination wedding because it was a location all of their friends and family could easily travel to from Chicago, New York, and the west coast. Laura, who runs a lifestyle blog Bright and Beautiful, planned a beautiful celebration and recruited Ruby and Pearl Events for event management to ensure her big day went off seamlessly and without a hitch. We worked together to fine tune her details throughout the planning process from day one, offering her advice and support in her planning journey every step of the way. When it came to the big day, she and Kevin were able to relax and be present, soaking up all the love in the room from friends and family near and dear to their hearts. As you can see from these beautiful photos, it was a glorious day for their best day ever!