You have one job: be present

We'll Take Care of the Rest

At Ruby and Pearl, our approach is to deliver the same standard of excellence and quality control to clients seeking the very best in planning, design, and event management that we have established through our parent company, Sapphire Events. It is our pleasure to offer our clients these same stellar services at an affordable price.

How it Works

With Ruby and Pearl, you choose only the services you need, offering you a customized experience to enjoy the planning process on your terms. Our event experts are happy to offer planning, design+ production, or event management services for your big day. Choose all three, pick two, or select just one. It’s up to you!

Access to Experts

We believe you should have access to experts in the field throughout the planning process to assist you in navigating the complicated logistics and detailed production requirements of event planning. We want to point you in the right direction by offering you our list of tried-and-true creative partners, who have proven to us time and again that they care as much about the end product as we do, and share in our commitment to stellar performance and customer satisfaction.

The Credit is Yours

We firmly believe the host/hostess deserves the glory of planning the event of a lifetime, making the process seem effortless, and of course, looking fabulous at the same time! As you take the reins in planning your own event as much or as little as you’d like, we are by your side to take the “guess work” out of the process in order to maximize your enjoyment of the planning, and deliver peace of mind. You’ve got one job to do on your big day: be emotionally and intellectually present for the celebration of a lifetime. We’ll take care of the rest. Get ready for the best day ever!

Fit to your needs

In our years of experience, we know everyone embarking on this journey needs the expert advice and superior leadership delivered with event management. Ruby & Pearl clients frequently combine our event management experience with either design & production services or planning, depending upon exact needs. Our two most popular packages are: 1) Design & Production + Event Management, and 2) Planning + Event Management. Due to the high level of involvement for our team, we will only take on a limited number of Planning + Design & Production + Event Management clients each year. Many clients know at the outset they want all three services. Others realize it will take some time to reach an accurate assessment of their planning needs. If you know one service is right for you, book now knowing that we are able to add additional service offerings at a later date should you decide you’d appreciate more help!

Want to learn more about each service offering and find your best fit?

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